Shooting backstage di Massimo Tevarotto creatività italiana, lo stilista italiano di accessori per moda, borse, bracciali e collane, realizzati con grande creatività unite alla continua ricerca dei materiali più insoliti.

I marchi sono  Da matta, Massimo Tevarotto, el doge.

Massimo Tevarotto is a goldsmith, designer and artist who studied at the School of Art and Jewelry of Valenza (Italy). From the Italian teachers Massimo learned techniques and styles of the classic jewelry. During those years Massimo worked for some of the best laboratories producing for brands like Tiffany and Cartier. In the following years, Massimo attended the School of Art and Design (Padova, Italy) where he learned to integrate classic jewelry with new design and innovative techniques. Massimo’s creativity, product innovation and ability to develop collections and solutions based on requested themes, comes from his years of technical training, research and product development. His twenty years experience are the based for innovative proposals and collections by using new and unusual material, and by finding creative solutions In design and fashion, classic styles evolved into new materials and designs, bringing jewelry into collections as part of other products, rather than just a stand alone piece.  In this quest, Massimo helped several designers incorporating jewelry into their collections.  Jewels became unique and precious accessories for several brands like Valentino, Versace, Michel Perry, Emma Hope ed Exte. In the same period, the artistic creativity of Massimo was also used for other projects, such as movies, museums and stores.  Massimo created jewelry and styled the actress Lili Taylor for the movie “The haunting”, developed a collection inspired by the frescos of Giotto for the Museo degli Scrovegni (Padova), and decorated shops throughout Italy.
During last couple of years, Massimo further developed his collaboration with fashion and design. His collections and proposals integrate jewels and accessories in a complete set which includes unique packaging, displays and expositions.